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How to remove rust from steel plate

2019-10-25 15:16:07
Let us first understand that the original manual descaling is the so-called original descaling is the manual derusting by human. This is a long and painstaking process. Although the heat can be used in this process by means of tools such as blades and hammers, the rust removal effect of the steel plate is really not ideal. Unless the family has a small area of ​​rust and uses this method without other options, in other cases, Zherui Steel does not support the working people to use such a hard method.
The second is the descaling of power tools. The descaling of power tools refers to the use of compressed air or the use of electric energy to drive the rust removal tool to produce a circular or reciprocating motion. When it comes into contact with the surface of the steel sheet, it uses its friction and impact to remove rust, scale and the like. The descaling efficiency and quality of the power tool are several times that are purely hand-made, and are also commonly used in the general coating engineering.
When encountering rainy, snowy, foggy or wet weather, the surface of the steel plate should be coated with a primer to prevent rust. If the rust has been returned before the primer is applied, the rust should be removed again and the primer applied in time.
Finally, the projectile rust removal, projectile rust removal refers to the use of the center of the projectile impeller to absorb the abrasive and the tip of the projectile to achieve the high-speed impact and increase the friction to carry out the rust removal of the steel plate.