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How to effectively increase the utilization rate of Wear-resistant plates

2020-08-25 09:18:14
Mining equipment is the most severely worn in the entire mining equipment, so a large number of high-strength wear resistant plates are needed. Zherui steel Hardox600 can be used more. Zherui steel Hardox550 wear plates are used in key parts, especially for metal ore mining equipment , It is even more severely worn, and only high-strength wear-resistant plates can be competent. In the mining of non-metallic ores, zherui steel Hardox 450 and zherui steel Hardox 500 can be used to save costs, and good results can also be obtained.
Commonly used crushing machinery are jaw crushers, cone crushers, roller crushers and impact crushers; the most widely used in grinding machinery is the barrel mill, including rod mills, ball mills, gravel mills and Since the mill and so on. Inertial vibrating screens and resonance screens are commonly used in screening machinery.
In the process of crushing and sorting, there will be continuous high-strength friction between the ore and the crusher and the screen, so it is also a place where the mechanical loss is very huge. Zherui steel Hardox 450 wear plates and Hardox 400 wear plates can be used in the crusher screen, chute, scraper, and wear strip.
Mining equipment is operated with high intensity and high load, and requires high component stability and wear resistance. The use of zherui steel hardox wear plates can extend the life of components.Email: Info@zheruisteel.com