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How to cut wear-resistant steel plate

2020-08-03 16:16:52
If the wear-resistant steel plate is obviously different from other steel plates, it must be excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. With excellent wear resistance, it can completely replace the traditional high alloy steel, thereby reducing the production cost of the enterprise. However, wear-resistant steel plates are particularly prone to problems when cutting. Today, Zherui Steel will give you a popular science to prepare for unexpected needs!
We all know that most steel plate cutting will use cold cutting and hot cutting, and wear-resistant steel plates are no exception. Cold cutting refers to water jet cutting, shearing, sawing or abrasive cutting. Thermal cutting refers to flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting. When the steel plate is cutting small parts, the heat supplied by the welding torch and preheating will accumulate in the workpiece. The size of the cutting workpiece should not be less than 200mm, otherwise the workpiece will have the risk of softening. The best way to solve the risk of softening is cold cutting, such as water jet cutting. If thermal cutting must be used, only plasma or laser cutting is selected, because of the flame Cutting provides more heat to the workpiece, thus increasing the temperature of the workpiece.

The underwater cutting method is an effective method to limit and reduce the range of the softening zone, that is, the steel plate is cut in the water, and the water can also be sprayed to the cutting surface for cutting. The underwater cutting method can choose plasma or flame cutting. Underwater cutting has the following characteristics: the cutting heat affected area is small; the hardness of the entire workpiece is prevented from decreasing; the deformation of the cutting workpiece is reduced; the workpiece can be cooled directly after cutting.

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