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How to choose tools for processing NM400, WearTuf450, Hardox500 wear-resistant steel

2020-08-06 14:34:44
This cutting method uses a gas and oxygen flame to heat the steel to a flammable point, and then burn it in an oxygen cutting stream. This process is only performed in a very narrow area (<1mm), and the adjacent cutting edge is heated to the hardening temperature (austenitizing). Due to the very high heat flow flowing into the surrounding cold material, it transforms into a hardened structure.
This kind of heat diffusion in water can reach the cooling rate of quenching, and the surrounding area is tempered, which we call the heat affected zone (HAZ). The large temperature difference causes stress and hardening cracking. With the increase of thickness and alloy content, wear-resistant steel requires more caution than ordinary steel when flame cutting.
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