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How to analyze the quality of hot rolled steel

2019-12-29 10:23:01
Hot-rolled steel plates are widely used in life. For example, the implementation of engineering projects, protection of landscaping, and the construction of urban roads require hot-rolled steel plates. In recent years, with the continuous development of society, the demand for hot-rolled steel plates It is also constantly increasing, but problems also follow. Many people buy hot-rolled steel plates at manufacturers and do not know how to distinguish the quality of hot-rolled steel plates, resulting in defects in quality or practicality.
So how to analyze the value of hot-rolled steel plate before buying is not worth buying. I analyze from the following points: The price determines the quality of the steel plate. The price of the steel plate fluctuates with the market, but do not blindly lower it at a reasonable price. The price of the purchase, the so-called wool comes out of the sheep, and I hope that the friends who buy it have a balance in this regard.
The crystals on the cross-section of the hot-rolled steel sheet are better when the crystals on the cross-section of the processed steel sheet are finer; otherwise, the quality of the crystal is gray, residues, and not flat enough. The quality is to be improved.
Before buying a steel plate, you must first understand the manufacturer's recognition in the market, the reputation of the company, and the user's evaluation to determine whether the company is reliable. Conditionally inspect the production environment and products of the company on site, such as the flatness and wear of the hot-rolled steel products. It is best to check the two for comparison. You can take Henan Zherui Steel as an example, which is more advantageous in terms of quality.
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