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How steel plate manufacturers should deal with winter storage

2019-12-11 09:42:19
Should steel plate manufacturers consider winter storage of steel plates? Do you know what is a steel plate winter storage? Do you know when and what conditions are suitable for winter storage of steel plates? See what Zherui Steel says. In simple terms, winter storage is a game between steel manufacturers and traders.
On the one hand, traders hope to purchase steel at a relatively low price in the off-season market in winter, and hope to sell it at a relatively high price in the next year, so as to earn intermediate profits. On the other hand, steel manufacturers hope that in the off-season market, stockpiles of traders can reduce the inventory pressure of steel mills and protect the profit margin of steel plate manufacturers.
Under what conditions is the steel plate winter stored?
Experts believe that from the perspective of traders, based on two points, first, the steel plate price is low enough to reach a low cost to avoid cost risks; second, the future is expected to be better, even if it cannot be obtained at low cost, but It can be sold at a higher price in the coming year, which is also a way to make a profit.
Are steel plate manufacturers suitable for winter storage this year?
Judging from this trend last month, steel plate prices have risen sharply after this round, and have basically reached the high point for the whole year, so according to the current price, the cost risk is still relatively high. At the same time, not only the price is high this winter, but also the inventory is low. This year's active inventory reduction has continued from October to November, and active shipments have been stacked with careful purchase. We found that this round of inventory has been lower than the low point at the end of last year.
At present, the willingness of steel mills to survive is relatively strong, which also means that this round of winter storage operations will be more difficult.
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