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Manufacturers Of Direct-Wearing Weathering Steel Organized An Autumn Tour

2019-09-23 17:59:57
In the golden autumn season, in order to strengthen the logistics cohesion and centripetal force, let the workers relax, direct for the steel plant on September 22 to organize all the staff autumn day tour activities, visit the bishagang park and songshan mountain. The company attaches great importance to this event, carefully planned and carefully organized. In the morning, the staff took a bus to bishagang park, and they walked through bishagang park, all the way covered with grass, wild flowers, weeping willows, pure and natural. In the afternoon, we came to the second stop: songshan mountain, which was called "foreign side" in ancient times, "noble" and "chongshan" in xia and shang dynasties, and "yue mountain" in western zhou dynasty. Songshan mountain is located in the west of henan province, located in dengfeng city northwest, west of the ancient capital luoyang, east of zhengzhou, is a funiu mountain system. Songshan mountain is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and a scenic spot in China. Along the mountain road, both sides of the mountain slope long towering trees, fresh air; Ascending the stairs, the babbling streams and bamboo cabins in the mountains give people a simple, primitive and natural atmosphere. Everyone is very interested, some employees even compete with each other to climb the mountain...... . Climbing to the top of the mountain, all the scenery panoramic view, endless peak, various shapes, green eyes, let people feel relaxed and happy. Everyone stopped to take pictures and recorded the wonderful moment. This activity let the mood fly, enhanced the friendship between the staff, pulled into the distance between each other, for the promotion of future work cooperation has laid a good foundation.