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Zhe Rui Successfully Held Team Development Training

2019-09-19 19:11:11
On September 12th, the company held a team expansion training with the theme of “breaking through self, smelting team, cohesive and co-creating and co-prosperity”. The personnel from the four departments of Zherui gathered to expand the training camp and participated in the expansion activities. During the event, colleagues who only communicated with each other turned into partners who jointly overcome problems, used wisdom together, tried their best, and worked together to complete the expansion task. Throughout the expansion training activities, there is a mutual help and mutual help. Everywhere, you can hear the unity of the unit, and you can feel the atmosphere of integration. The last project, “The King of the Jinsha River,” is the result of what you see and hear. The feeling is pushed to the highest point: the piers composed of ten pairs of ordinary but firm hands must ensure that all personnel step on the road without falling, and the ten men hand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, silently tremble and escort everyone through the " "People's Bridge"... More than 30 minutes passed, the mission was completed, and the "Bridge Pier" men squatted and laughed. The passing people cried, moved by their brothers and their guardianship!