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Zherui Company Launched The “First-class Office” Self-inspection In The Middle Of the Year

2019-09-19 18:25:16
In order to fully implement the company's construction work, effectively promote the scientific, standardized, standardized, and informatized office work, and further improve the management level of the office system. On September 16, Zherui held a special meeting in the first conference room to deploy and create The first-class office is working on self-inspection in the middle of the year.
At the meeting, Zherui further publicized and implemented the spirit of the company's documents on the creation of “first-class office”, and required all participants to fully understand the importance of creating a “first-class office” for office construction, and to do the best things according to the company. The general requirements for doing a good job, and conscientiously implement the tasks of the company and the company to create a "first-class office" to further improve the management level of the office system. Subsequently, the participants created a “first-class office” evaluation project and scoring standards, comprehensively sorted out the work of the company office, conducted a self-examination on a case-by-case basis, and did not meet the requirements for creating a “first-class office” for the work mode innovation of the office work mode. The project has drawn up a plan for rectification within a time limit, requiring strict implementation of rectification and ensuring that the deadline will be met. The meeting also carried out special deployment arrangements for weak items such as office innovation management and electronic file management in the “first-class office” inspections created last year. It is required to overcome difficulties and fill shortcomings, and achieve an all-round improvement of office management.