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The Company Organizes Employee Mountaineering Group Construction Activities

2019-09-12 15:21:50
In order to enhance the cohesiveness of the company's team, promote employee communication and create a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere, the company organized the staff's spring mountaineering group construction activities to enjoy the “Artificial Tianhe” Hongqi Canal Natural Scenic Area, and all employees of the company and employees' families participated.
In the activity, all the personnel are divided into 7 team groups by random grouping. According to the carefully designed route and activity tasks, each team climbs among the mountains and climbs in the green forest. There was a lot of laughter and laughter along the way, and I had a lung cleaning for the sedentary office.
In view of the fact that the employees of the company's headquarters have been sitting in the office for a long time, the activities have set up 13 tasks including WeChat knowledge quiz, 3 km walking, group climbing, timing and customs, and all tasks must be completed in teams. During the march, the teams united as one, helped each other, encouraged each other, and no one left the team, successfully completed all the set tasks, effectively enhancing the sense of collective honor and team cohesion.
The company's leaders are integrated into the participating teams as ordinary team members. The company's leadership team members work with the team members to study the task completion method, analyze the scoring skills, and charge forward in the competition to create a unity for the whole event. A harmonious atmosphere of comfort and entertainment.
The event set up a stage for employees to demonstrate their ability to enhance their friendship and temper their will, so that employees can experience the joy of sports and the joy of competition, and enhance the ability of employees to work hard and overcome difficulties. Employees have better played their part in the construction and development of enterprises.