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Steel plate manufacturers tell you that high strength plates and manganese plates

2019-10-28 16:31:04
As a steel plate manufacturer, high-strength plate manufacturers manufacture and supply a wide range of steel plates. Because of the wide variety of steel plates, when purchasing steel plates, it must be distinguished according to the characteristics of the steel plates. In order to respond to your doubts, you will be introduced to the differences between the high-strength and manganese plates based on the understanding of the usage requirements of various types of steel plates for many years.
The high-strength board is suitable for the production of large trucks. At this stage, the high-strength board is suitable for light semi-trailers. The high-strength board has extremely strong hardness and strong bearing capacity, but its ductility is good. It is not very practical in areas where roads are not very good. The light semi-trailer is made of high-strength boards.
Manganese sheets are used in the manufacture of super heavy duty trucks and special large trucks. Compared with high-strength plates, manganese plates have excellent ductility and are suitable for poor areas with poor real-time road conditions. For example, some large transport trucks, maple leaf transport, tank transport semi-trailers. This large truck is made of manganese plate, and the chassis of the car is relatively low and stable. When the manganese plate is subjected to a relatively severe external force, deformation occurs. If the item is removed, the deformation will be repaired immediately.