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High Quality Wear Resistant Steel NM600 Application

2019-09-26 16:05:24
Today, taking advantage of the rest of the gap, I went online to check the properties of the wear plate.
 NM600 wear plate has wear resistance,the chemical composition of the wear plate has a carbon content of 4 to 5%, a chromium content of 25 to 30%, a volume fraction of Cr7C3 carbide in the metallographic structure of 50% or more, a macro hardness of HRC 56 to 62, and a hardness of chromium carbide. It is HV1400~1800.
  Since the carbide is vertically distributed in the wear direction, the wear resistance is more than doubled even when compared with the cast alloy of the same composition and hardness.
   Impact resistance of NM600 wear plate: The substrate of wear-resistant composite steel plate is low carbon steel or low alloy. The toughness material such as stainless steel reflects the superiority of the bimetal. The wear layer resists the wear of the wear medium, and the substrate bears the load of the medium, so it has good impact resistance. Can withstand the impact and wear of high drop hoppers in material handling systems.