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High-quality bridge steel plate hits another record

2019-12-11 09:30:41
Henan Zherui Steel News: Recently, the first batch of high-grade and high-quality bridge steel plates produced by the two steel mills of Hegang Wugang, a strategic partner of Henan Zherui Steel, for the Guangzhou Pearl Bay Bridge Project has been successfully sent to the project office in Guangzhou Pearl Bay. The bridge project is currently the largest span three-truss steel arch bridge in China, and the steel plate produced by Wugang this time is also a tailor-made process plan.
Guangzhou Mingzhu Bay Bridge has a main span of 436 meters. It is the largest spanned three-truss steel arch bridge in China. It is the core control project of a major transportation hub built by Guangzhou facing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is a top priority project.
The project officially started construction in March 2018, and is scheduled to be opened to traffic in August 2021. With the leading position in the field of high-quality high-end steel plates, Hesteel Wugang has successfully won the Guangzhou Pearl Bay Bridge Project, which requires approximately 32,000 tons of high-quality high-quality steel plates.
However, because the project is greatly affected by the typhoon and the large span of the Guangzhou Pearl Bay Bridge, the general contractor has very strict requirements for the bridge steel plates used in the construction of the bridge. It not only requires the bridge plates to have high strength and toughness, but also requires high welding. Sex, etc.
After understanding the project requirements, Hesteel Wugang immediately intervened in advance to start the three-level joint guarantee system composed of the company's senior leaders, middle-level cadres and marketing personnel, and conducted detailed exchanges with the owner, general contractor and design institute, and Specialized service personnel will carry out project tracking, make every effort to make technical connections, provide first-class services to high-end users, ensure that all technical indicators meet or exceed national standards, and meet the special needs of high-end users.
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