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Explain The Role And Defects Of Copper In A588 Weathering Steel

2019-09-27 14:39:28
I went to the factory today to learn about the role and defects of copper in A588 weathering steel. In recent years, with the recognition and understanding of A588 weathering steel, it has been widely used in various industries. It is due to everyone's awareness of environmental protection.
As the name implies, it is known that A588 weathering steel has such characteristics: corrosion resistance. Weathering steel is used in a wide range of applications, including railways, bridges, high-rise buildings, landscape gardens, and ships.
Only discussed here, A588 weathering steel for ships, the use of A588 weathering steel for ships can improve the service life of the ship, and also reduce the number of anti-corrosion treatments of ships and reduce the maintenance cost of ships during the life cycle. Weather-resistant low-alloy marine steel, which has high strength, high toughness and good weldability by aging precipitation strengthening of Cu and alloying of elements such as Nb and Ti.
The defects of copper in A588 weathering steel are mainly characterized by reddish-brown fine lines along the rolling direction and fine warping appearance. These two forms are sometimes associated, sometimes dominated by one, and the upper surface is usually more severe than the lower surface. The defects are distributed in parallel along the rolling direction, the spacing is uncertain, and the single defect is about 5-50 mm short. The thermal cracking of Cu limits the development and application of Cu-containing aging steel. Adding Ni can reduce the risk of copper brittleness, but the cost is higher.
In terms of processing, A588 weathering steel strengthens the descaling pressure in the rough rolling zone, ensures the descaling effect, eliminates the intrusion of the iron oxide skin, ensures the high temperature of the rough rolling process and improves the thermal deformation coordination, and controls the uneven distribution of stress. After adopting the above measures, the defects have dropped significantly.