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Engineering Manufacture Of Corten-A Weathering Steel Plate

2019-09-25 18:57:56
Today, we watched the development information on CortenA weathering steel on the Internet in the publicity department, which gave us a deeper understanding of weathering steel. The use of steel sheets on the outer surface of buildings has a long history, and in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel sheets, various coating treatments such as paint, enamel, and galvanizing are usually performed on the outer surface of the steel sheets. Among them, the main grades of foreign weathering steels are Corten A, Corten B series, and Japanese-standard SPA-H weathering steel. Weathering steel is easy to use, can be painted, or exposed without a protective layer, which simplifies the production process. Since the existing pickling and tropical galvanizing processes are eliminated, the production cost is reduced, and the use of the coating can eliminate the volatilization of VOC (organic volatile matter), which is more conducive to recycling, and is beneficial to environmental protection. Since the weathering resistance of the steel depends on the overall structure of the material, it is not as sensitive to external impact and impact as the surface-treated ordinary steel is not dependent on the surface protective layer.