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Effect of Alloying Elements in A588 Weathering Steel Sheet on Weatherability

2019-10-19 17:13:22
Compared with ordinary carbon steel, A588 weathering steel has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. This is because the alloying elements act to reduce the electrical conductivity of the rust layer and hinder the rapid growth of corrosion products.
The corrosion resistance of A588 weathering steel plate shows that it has a remarkable corrosion resistance after long-term use. The alloying elements which can improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance of steel should satisfy the following conditions.
The solubility of A588 weathering steel in iron is greater than that in the rust layer; it can form a solid solution with iron; it can increase the potential of steel. According to the research results of related literatures, the influence of alloying elements added in A588 weathering steel on its atmospheric corrosion resistance is not the same.