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Do you know weathering steel?

2020-03-11 10:49:35
Many people want to know the price of weathering steel plates, but they know very little about weathering steel plates, and some don’t even know the name of weathering steel plates, let alone know whether the application of weathering steel plates matches their needs.
 Weathering steel is widely used in daily life, such as in some greening projects and park construction. The reason is that weathering steel is a series of low-alloy steel between ordinary steel and stainless steel, with special materials.  When exposed to the air, a dense, continuous, good adhesion layer will gradually form on the surface. After a certain degree of corrosion, it will reach a stable state, thereby isolating the corrosive medium in the air.
Because of the corrosion resistance of weathering steel, weathering steel is widely used in landscape construction, especially in parks, green spaces, and related greening industries.  If you want to purchase, you need to pay attention to the fact that although the type of decorative weathering steel is not high, the output of weathering steel is not high.  The inventory of various specifications is not large, and the specifications are not uniform, so when the list is large, you must purchase in advance to avoid the situation of unavailable purchases.
You can purchase the weathering steel according to the following methods: You can provide customers with drawings or specific quantity specifications. You also need to understand the application environment of weathering steel, whether it is outdoor or indoor.  Whether it is suitable for on-site rust and the required degree of rust layer.  Then the weathering steel manufacturers provide a feasible price plan for weathering steel plates, and the manufacturers process and deliver according to the drawings confirmed by both parties.  After the customer gets the construction and installation of the product, the manufacturer instructs it to promote rust and fix rust after sale.  Weathering steel plate manufacturers regularly return for maintenance to observe the firmness of the rust layer.
Zherui Steel is a weathering steel manufacturer with 16 years of experience. Medium and heavy plates, marine steel plates and wear-resistant plates are also our main products.  Zherui Steel can solve your worries in one-stop in production processing and after-sales service. Welcome to consult.