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Do you know the four fires of steel plate heat treatment

2020-03-16 09:10:09
We all know that there are 4 fires in steel heat treatment. Do you know what they are?  Let's meet you below.
The four fires of the steel plate refer to normalizing, annealing, quenching, and tempering.  First of all, let's look at normalization. What is normalization?  Normalizing can be used as a pre-heat treatment before quenching, which is to heat the steel plate components to the required temperature, and then cool the furnace air after holding for a period of time. The cooling rate is faster than annealing and lower than quenching.  Normalizing the steel sheet can improve the mechanical properties, increase the toughness of the steel sheet, reduce the cracking of the steel sheet, and also increase the hardness of the steel sheet.
This is followed by annealing.  Annealing is to slowly heat the metal to a certain degree, and after cooling for a sufficient time, cool it at a suitable temperature rate.  Prepare for the final heat treatment.  The purpose of this is to prevent the steel plate from deforming and cracking.  Improve and eliminate the defects of various structures caused by steel plate during casting, forging, rolling and welding.
Here is the hardening.  Quenching is to heat the steel plate to a temperature above the critical temperature, hold it for a period of time to fully or partially austenite the steel plate, and then cool it at a rate greater than the critical cooling rate.  This is to improve the mechanical properties of the steel sheet, the hardness and wear resistance of the steel sheet.  It can also improve the material properties or chemical properties of some special steels, such as improving the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
The last is tempering, which is to heat the quenched steel sheet to a certain temperature.  After holding for a certain period of time, cooling in a certain way is the last process of heat treatment of steel plates.  The purpose is to improve the stability of the structure and ensure that the steel plate will not deform during the subsequent use.  Adjust the hardness, strength, plasticity and toughness of the steel plate.
The above are the four fires for heat treatment of steel plates. Do you know?  Zherui Steel operates steel plates of various materials all year round, and has rich experience in steel plate processing. Welcome to come to consult.