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Do you know high strength steel

2020-03-13 08:57:54
Steel plays an important role in modern life. We used to import high-strength steel because steelmaking technology was not very mature.  Later we invented and mass-produced Chinese high-strength steel by ourselves. Do you know what level of Chinese high-strength steel is in the world?
High-strength steel is actually a steel with a certain difference in manufacturing process from traditional steel.  When rolling steel, the pressure of high rolling steel is increased to more than five times that of traditional steel plates. The crystal particles in the steel produced are only one micron, which is one tenth or even one twentieth of ordinary steel.
Therefore, the relationship between the structure of the high-strength steel plate is very close, and the strength and toughness have been greatly improved.  When rolling at a temperature of seven or eight hundred Baidu, the crystal particles inside will still not undergo any deformation.  It can only move sideways, so that each crystal grain is more tightly bonded, so it is much higher in ductility and plasticity than ordinary steel plates.
Because this high-strength steel sheet has many advantages, it is very important in the field of steel manufacturing.  We have combined this steel plate with the automobile manufacturing industry more than a decade ago, which means that China's high-strength steel has reached the world.
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