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What is the difference between wear-resistant steel plate and NM wear-resistant steel plate?

2021-05-13 10:22:30
Currently, there are two types of wear-resistant steel plate: wear-resistant composite steel plate and NM wear-resistant steel plate (NM360, NM400, etc.). How to choose two, and two wear-resistant steel plates, or let's look at them together below.

The first is a wear-resistant composite steel plate, which refers to a high aluminum alloy composite wear layer by the thermal spray welding method that combines wear resistance with the base steel plate of the general thick steel plate. Load and deformation work of the resistance layer and the base steel plate. The ability and welding properties of electro-welded steel sheets. The strength of its wear layer is usually in the middle of HRC52-64. The shape of the wear-resistant composite steel plate has a spray welding seam on the cross section of the thick steel plate.

Next, the other is NM wear-resistant steel plate. This means a thick steel plate after the high alloy steel plate is heat treated in the cold rolling process or after the high alloy steel plate is heat treated and heat treated. It is also called a heat-treated thick steel plate. The strength is usually HB350-500. The shape of NM wear steel plate is no different from general thickness steel plate.

NM wear-resistant steel sheet gradually decreases in strength and wear resistance when heat-treated at a temperature of 250 ℃ or higher. Even during electric welding, the strength around the weld is reduced. In addition, the wear layer of the wear-resistant composite steel sheet is made of a high aluminum alloy component, so there is also the effect of auxiliary hard-bottoming at a specific temperature below 650 ℃ in general.

The above two types of wear steel plate are introduced according to the performance of the wear-resistant steel plate. In the future, we are continuing to introduce abrasion steel plates from the viewpoint of cutting and punching steel plates. You should pay more attention to Zherui Steel.