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Cutting of medium and thick steel plate

2020-01-03 09:59:55
Most people know that medium-thick steel plates are a type of steel plates that are thicker than ordinary steel plates. In this type of steel plate cutting, there are higher requirements on the machine to avoid various situations such as irregularities in steel plate cutting.
With the development of society, laser steel cutting is more and more favored by various manufacturers. Laser cutting machine is currently the best choice for cutting medium and thick plates. It also solves the problems encountered by conventional companies in cutting medium and thick plates. For example, let's take a look at the following questions.
Cutting surface quality issues:
Cutting sections are often encountered when processing medium-thick steel plates. Such cutting is not only questioned about the quality of the finished product, but also accompanied by overburning and severe sticky slag.
The stability of the entire board processing:
In the processing of domestic steel plate of medium and thick steel, the processing of the outer surface part often occurs. Although this phenomenon is a probabilistic problem, the frequency of its occurrence is quite high, which not only affects the reputation of the manufacturer, but also brings trouble to customers.
Carbon steel thick plate perforation problem:
Perforation time accounts for a large proportion of heavy plate processing, which wastes time and reduces efficiency. This is a problem encountered by many manufacturers of cutting medium and thick steel plates.
Zherui Steel purchased the most advanced laser cutting technology in China. Not only will you bring you higher quality plate processing, but it will also give you the fastest time and provide professional one-to-one. service.