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Current status of foreign research on marine steel plates

2019-10-14 15:46:05
Today we will take a look at the current research status of marine steel plates abroad. At present, the four international standards for marine platform steels, namely En10225 and BS7191 (European standard), API (American standard), Norsok (North Sea Standard), have clear regulations on the mechanical properties and design and manufacture of marine steel plates, but Specifications for corrosion resistance are lacking.
Japan has studied the marine steel plate earlier, and has developed a series of high-strength steel plates resistant to seawater corrosion, large-line energy welding and low-temperature use. The strength level has reached 980 MPa. JFE has formed its own series of enterprise standards. The tensile strength of the steel plate of the offshore platform is 360-980 MPa, and the varieties mainly include JFE-HITEN series high-strength steel plates.
The main grades of high-strength steel for world offshore platforms are yield strengths of 355, 420, 460, 500, 550, 620, 690 MPa, and low temperature performance requirements of at least -40 ° C, or even -60 ° C, resistance to lamellar tearing performance Z 35%, good corrosion resistance, the main delivery methods are TMCP, normalizing and quenching and tempering.