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The Company That Produces A588 And Corten B Conducts Special Seminars

2019-09-24 12:49:35
On September 23, Zherui's study group conducted a special study and seminar in the conference room to discuss and study the "Notice on Deep Understanding and Accurately Grasping the Company's Work in 2019". The meeting is chaired by the chairman (presiding work) and the general manager, and the members of the study group participate. At the meeting, the members learned about the content and analyzed the situation and tasks faced by the development. The members discussed development ideas and implementation measures around the development of the steel market, the safety production of weathering steel A588 grades, engineering execution, Corten B processing technology innovation, quality improvement and deepening reform. The meeting stressed that it is necessary to focus on the company's work requirements in 2019, unify the ideas into the company's decision-making and deployment, unify the implementation of reform and development, and unify to achieve the annual goal, be brave in innovation, and implement the company in accordance with the overall objectives and general requirements. The implementation of various tasks.