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The Office Holds Special Training To Improve Management Level

2019-09-17 15:36:35
In order to further promote the standardization of the company's office system management work, improve the efficiency, level and quality of the entire process management. On September 2, 10, and 16, the company's offices organized and organized special training activities for management, legal affairs, file management, and confidentiality of the three sessions. Relevant responsible persons and professional staff of each special work participated in the training.
The company office will strive to further improve the working mechanism of the office through this series of training, promote the scientific, standardized, standardized and informatized work of the corporate office within the company's system, give full play to the pivots, windows and leading role of the office work, and accelerate the realization of the "government order." The goal of smooth, effective implementation, high efficiency, high quality service and excellent work style. Later, the company's office will also carry out other related series of training from time to time.