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Zherui Organizes The Imitation Of The Song Calligraphy Competition

2019-09-16 11:35:51
Recently, Zherui Company has standardized the work management, cultivated the patience and meticulous work attitude of the employees, and continuously strengthened the account book record to be similar to the Song Dynasty, and organized the imitation Song calligraphy calligraphy competition among all the members. At 9 o'clock in the morning, before the official start of the competition, Liu always wrote four characters to the contestants. The game officially started. I saw the contestants tidy. While looking at the writing on the table, while waving the pen in the hand, carefully and carefully drop each vertical and horizontal, the "shasha" sound drawn by the nib became beautiful. Notes. “The writing content is specially formulated around the corporate culture.” The organizer of the event, the person in charge of the company introduced, “In addition to writing the content contact work, the activity form changed the previous individual competition system and adopted the group participation system to reflect the common The theme of progress has also become a highlight. "After the game, the players said that the standard and tidy record kept the company's complete and standardized first-hand historical data, which is a valuable asset of the company. Everyone deeply realized the importance of writing a neat record. Sex, and said that we must do our best to make every record in the future work, and make our own contribution to the company's better and faster development.