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Open The Door To Communication With Love

2019-09-12 15:16:15
On the afternoon of July 23, the company held a special lecture on “Walking Parents Classroom” in the Staff Club Ethics Hall, and invited family education instructors and parent-child communication trainers to bring a lively and wonderful and inspiring parent-child education lecture.
This parent-child education lecture is intended to help employees better communicate with their children, establish a good parent-child relationship, and let children grow up healthily in the correct family education concept.
The teacher has been engaged in front-line teaching for many years, and has accumulated rich teaching experience and a large number of practical cases. Since 2013, he has embarked on the path of family education and parent-child communication.
In the lecture, the teacher aims to help parents and children establish a good parent-child relationship. Through on-site interactive question and answer, watch VCR, and simulate parent-child interaction scenes, the teacher analyzes the child's psychological activities from different aspects and the parents' existence in family education. Problems, etc., guide the parents of the staff present to establish a new concept of family education, learn to use scientific methods to pay attention to the child's spiritual growth, and communicate with the child in a correct and effective way.
Regarding how to help children grow better, the teacher gave five suggestions: First, the parents should have a scale to measure the behavior of the child, whether it is conducive to the healthy growth and future development of the child; Lead by example, be the best example for children; third is to learn to understand and respect children; fourth is to affirm the child, affirmation that the child will be confident; fifth is to have something to say, talk to the child on an equal footing.
The lectures benefited parents a lot. The teachers won vivid applause with vivid examples and wonderful speeches. I believe that parents and friends in the future will definitely think more and understand more when they are facing their own children.