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Zherui Learns To Convey The Spirit Of The Work Conference

2019-09-11 14:45:16
Yesterday, Zherui held a meeting to learn to convey the spirit of the party's construction work and the discipline inspection and supervision work conference. All employees of Zherui attended the meeting. At the meeting, the chairman put forward three requirements: First, the general branches of the party should further grasp the spirit of the meeting to ensure the full coverage and learning, and guide all party members and cadres to effectively unify their thoughts and actions to the core of Comrade Xi Jinping. The Party Central Committee has raised the requirements for the comprehensive management of the party strictly, and further strengthened the firmness and urgency of managing the party. Second, it is necessary to strictly follow the objectives of the company's operations and party building work, and make overall plans for this year. The work ideas and measures; the third is to continuously reinforce the main responsibility and supervision responsibility, to ensure that the requirements of the strict and strict management of the party are implemented at all levels.