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On a hot summer day, let’s go and leave

2019-09-05 10:27:46
Life should not only be work, but also poetry and distance, body and soul, there is always one on the road. Strive to fight, but also to be far away; to work hard, you must learn to enjoy. Rip off the formal dress, temporarily put down the work and busy, enjoy the scene in the distance, and charge yourself unlimited. In order to enhance the cohesiveness of employees, enrich the collective life, let employees relax in their busy work, face life with a fuller spirit and a more positive attitude, and face work. The company organized the Linzhou drifting record. Everyone made lunch together, brushing the pot, washing the vegetables, etc., filled with laughter and laughter. After the lunch break, I started drifting time, and it was a cool word. The whole process was the laughter of my colleagues. Pleasant time is always short, but such a short break makes me and my partners wash away from fatigue and take a more full look to meet the next job.