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The power of the team is strong

2019-09-04 11:36:32
On Saturday, the weather was good and the company's group building activities were held as scheduled. We have benefited a lot from this event. In short, everything is like the slogan that is always shouted when expanding. It is very good and very good! The two most experienced projects in this outdoor event are the leadership style and the blind square. The blind square uses a team as a unit. All the members blindfolded their eyes and put the ropes on the square. In fact, this exercised people's strategy, organization and trust in others. They should be quiet and not flustered. They must have goals and direction. To do things, failure is not the answer, and effort is the driving force.
Unity is the fighting power. Only the mutual understanding, the general attitude of dedication, the harmonious and humble living environment, our work, life and life will be on a higher level, and we will have higher goals and ideals.