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The long-term supplier of carbon steel plates is Zherui Steel

2019-11-18 16:34:38
Common grades of carbon steel plates
The carbon steel plate is a general term for general carbon steel. It belongs to a class of steel and steel plates, including: Q235, ss400, A36, SM400, St37-2 and so on.
Carbon steel plate definition
Generally, carbon steel is mainly used for all applications except special steel; carbon steel plate is mainly used in all places except special steel; the full name of ordinary carbon steel plate is: ordinary carbon structural steel; structural steel as its name suggests construction steel In addition to other structural steels.
Carbon steel plate use
The carbon steel plate has strong coverage and wide range of capabilities. Its application range is very wide. It can be used as color steel roofing, covering raw materials and its manufacturing utensils, storage tanks, packaging wooden boxes, train cars, trolley casings, industrial The casing of the electric furnace, etc. The carbon steel plate can be processed and spliced ​​according to the application regulations, and made into various parts and mechanical parts.
Carbon steel plate characteristics
The carbon steel plate can also be made into electric welding and welding channel steel to further expand the application range of the steel plate; the steel plate bending and stamping die can be formed into a heating furnace, a vessel, a cold-squeezing trolley casing, a civilian type container, a device, and can also be used as Welded pipe, cold rolled sheet of billet. Because of the characteristics, it accounts for about 50% of the total output value of steel sheets.
Carbon steel plate classification
The carbon steel sheet includes a cold rolled steel sheet and a hot rolled steel sheet. The cold-rolled steel sheet is usually as thin as 2 mm or less; the hot-rolled steel sheet is 2 mm to 12 mm.
Henan Zherui Steel Co., Ltd. is a one-stop service distributor for steel. Next, we will talk about the carbon steel plate of our company.
Carbon steel plate from Zherui steel
Zherui Steel has a large number of steel stocks. The cooperating steel mills are all famous domestic brands: state-owned large enterprises and mainstream steel mills in the market, Henan Anyang Iron and Steel Group, Hebei Province Iron and Steel Group, and Taiyuan City Tangshan Steel Taigang Shougang. There are specifications and models, the price is very special. More than ten years of honesty, there are a variety of steel grades and steel materials available.