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Buy steel plate to Zherui, the price is right and guaranteed

2020-04-02 10:09:43
Steel plate as a common and common steel, whether it is bridge engineering or machinery manufacturing, we can always see the application scenarios of steel plate, steel plate cutting and steel plate processing. With the rapid development of society and the rapid development of production and construction, the demand for steel plates is increasing, resulting in a shortage in the market, and the prices of steel plates have continued to rise. This is a reminder to major manufacturers that they must not waste steel plates when cutting. To save every inch of material and improve cost-effectiveness for customers.
Zherui Steel has been involved in the sales and processing of steel plate materials for many years. The company is a direct supplier of raw materials such as Wuhan Iron & Steel, Pangang, Baotou Iron & Steel, Tangshan Iron & Steel, Ansteel, Handan Iron & Steel, and Puyang. , Established a long-term and stable strategic partnership with large steel mills.
Due to the excellent quality of Zherui Steel's raw materials, and the steel plate business production line is strictly controlled by a group of skilled and experienced engineers and steel plate cutting masters, while ensuring excellent quality, as much as possible to improve production efficiency, so that customers spend less Money to buy the highest quality steel plate, improve the price / performance ratio for customers!
So in the specific operation process of steel plate cutting, how to achieve precise positioning, strict control and improve efficiency? Today we invited the Zherui Steel Technology Team to summarize and summarize the following processes for everyone:
1. First of all, the type, specification and surface quality of the steel plate must be checked when the material is cut, and the material can be cut after confirmation.
2. Before cutting, check that the equipment and tools of the gas cutting system are normal, and can only run under safe conditions.
3. When cutting the steel plate, the steel plate should be suspended on the gas cutting platform, and the distance between the two ends of the steel plate on one side and the guide rail needs to be adjusted.
4. During the cutting process, adjust the distance of the cutting torch, determine the amount of drag, and consider the compensation of the cutting seam. This process must be accurate.
5. When cutting steel plates, the length of the gas cutting airflow exceeds one-third of the thickness of the workpiece, so that the edge of the part is evenly heated.
In addition, the inspection of the thickness of the plate in advance, the improvement of the cutting quality of the machine, and the avoidance of various accidents caused by cutting are also some important factors to improve the utilization of the steel plate material. Zherui Steel constantly summarizes according to historical experience, has decades of experience in the steel plate business, and provides customers with a professional steel plate sales and service system that integrates processing, distribution, and storage. One-stop thoughtful after-sales service makes it easy for customers Buy your favorite steel plate! Customer recognition is the driving force for the development of Zherui Steel!
For each customer of Zherui Steel, we will be responsible for the end, from the beginning of your inquiry to the purchase of steel plate products, and subsequent cutting and processing of steel plate products, product distribution, etc., we will not slacken and relax in every aspect. All in all, when you choose Zherui Steel, you are choosing a rest assured!
Zherui Steel has been engaged in steel plate sales and cutting processing for many years and has rich experience. If you need it, please contact our online customer service. We believe: With your suggestions and help, we will do better.