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Buy steel plate, why choose Zherui Steel

2020-01-15 10:01:43
In mid-July, a customer from the Middle East once ordered a batch of steel plates with us and paid the full amount in one lump sum. Recently, this customer added an order again. From this, we can see that no one has any reason to refuse after encountering high-quality products, considerate service, and reasonable prices. Of course, at this time, no one will praise you, just like this customer re-orders again, the recognition of Zherui Steel is self-evident.
The recognition of old customers is the driving force for the development of Zherui Steel
Old customers purchase steel plates, why choose Zherui Steel, are you still hesitant because the steel plates sold by Zherui Steel are far away from you? Don't worry, Zherui Steel is a professional sales and service system integrating processing, distribution and warehousing.
Therefore, you don't need to worry about the distance, and Zherui Steel is the first-level agent of well-known steel mills such as WISCO, Angang, Handan Iron and Steel. The quality of the product is assured, so you can rest assured to buy it. In addition, we have signed long-term cooperation agreements with large steel mills. Therefore, steel mills will have some preferential policies, so the price of steel plates will make you comfortable.
Always adhere to "We are not only Zherui Steel employees, but also customer intimate buyers"
For each customer of Zherui Steel, we will be responsible for the end, from the beginning of your inquiry, to the purchase of steel products, and the subsequent processing and distribution of steel products, we will not slacken. In short, you choose Swiss Steel is tantamount to choosing a guarantee.
Zherui Steel is engaged in the sales and cutting of steel plates of various materials, WearTuf400, etc., and has rich experience. If you need it, please contact us. We believe: With your suggestions and help, we will do better.