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Buy a good steel plate from Henan Zherui Steel Trading Co., Ltd. 

2019-11-10 09:31:25
In order to comply with the market of Henan steel plate market, adjust the company's products and subsidiary industry structure, and improve the service quality of the company's customers, Mr. Jason Guo, the General Manager of the company, together with the Director of Marketing Department Joe Qiao and all the colleagues in the marketing department held the monthly steel plate in November. Marketing conference. The meeting went smoothly and ended satisfactorily.
General Manager Jason made a report on the sales summary for October and the sales plan for November at the meeting. In the report, Jason pointed out that the overall recovery of the Henan steel plate market has benefited from the following points: the international trade environment continues to improve, the national environmental protection policy continues to increase, and steel production is imperative. In addition, Henan has entered the peak season of urban construction and rural civil housing construction, which will require various steel plate materials to further stimulate the demand of the Henan steel plate market.
At the meeting, Mr. Jason requested all the staff of the marketing department to strengthen the marketing of Q345NH, S355JOW and A588Gr.A steel plates, guarantee the quality of the company's steel products from the source, and do a good job in the after-sales problems of customers, so that the brand of Henan Zherui Steel Trading Co., Ltd.  can be integrated into various industries. Enter the happy life of hundreds of millions of people in Henan.
At the same time, according to the commission of Mr. Zhang, the chairman of the company, General Manager Jason made adjustments to the company's product structure and subsidiary industries: the company's product line continued to develop in depth. Horizontal development of the company: The company's products are mainly steel plates, weather-resistant steel plates, marine steel plates, high-strength steel plates and other products. It is an ambitious enterprise goal of one-stop steel plate service providers in Central China. Later, Jason the general manager made new deployments and instructions to the marketing department's customer service.
Manager Jason made an important speech at the meeting: The company successfully completed the sales target set by the company through the unremitting efforts of all colleagues in the steel plate market last month. Here, not only the company leaders have been strategizing the market situation, but also Some business people are facing difficulties in the “reverse” market. The personnel of the operation department are working hard to meet the challenges of the steel plate market. Moreover, all employees of Henan Zherui Steel Trading Co., Ltd.  are united and work together to support the employees. For the November sales target, all employees headed by Manager Jason expressed confidence.
Henan Zherui Steel Company’s November meeting was successfully concluded. The boss in need will pick up the phone and have your initiative to have our story. We will treat each and every customer with better steel quality and better service.