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Brilliant candlelight, happy birthday, Zherui Steel will be with you forever

2019-12-05 10:39:23
Yesterday, the steel stock futures rose all the way, all across the board became popular, Xiao Bian pointed out, today is a great day. Sure enough, today turned out to be the birthday of our two younger sisters. It ’s even better that these two younger sisters were born the same year and the same month! It's really a chance to meet thousands of miles, Xu Xian didn't lie to me!
In order to strengthen the company's cohesion, strengthen the sense of belonging of employees, further promote the company's corporate culture construction, form a good corporate cohesion and centripetal force, so that employees can truly feel the warmth of the company's family.
Zherui Steel will send birthday wishes to employees who have birthday that month.
It is the corporate culture of Zherui Steel to celebrate birthdays for employees. The development of Zherui Steel is soaked in the sweat of everyone! Grow and develop together with the company, and compose a gorgeous chapter of Zherui Steel.
With the song "Happy Birthday to you", the exquisite cake contains our deep blessings, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ..." In this atmosphere full of happiness, the birthday stars smiled and opened their hands. Folding hands, heart to heart, each planted happiness. In the harvest and blessing, the young and happy smiley faces are fixed in the memory!
I wish the longevity and peace of the stars, always young, happy and eternal. Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow for Zherui Steel!