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The purpose and basic knowledge of boiler steel for water treatment

2019-10-22 09:08:31
Doing a good job of boiler water treatment is one of the important links to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler. Because of the high combustion temperature of oil and gas. Most of the fuel and gas boilers (especially imported fuel gas boilers) are small in size and compact in structure, and have high requirements on water quality. If the water treatment is not done well, it will cause boiler scaling and corrosion, which not only wastes fuel but also is easy. Causes accidents such as pipe blocking and pipe bursting. In severe cases, it will also cause large economic losses caused by boiler scrapping. Therefore, boilers for fuel and natural gas must carefully handle boiler water treatment.
The impurities in the natural water that are harmful to the boiler and the purpose of boiler water treatment. There are a lot of impurities in natural water, among which there are mainly suspended substances, colloidal substances and dissolved substances. Suspended matter and cavity materials are composed of mud sand, animal and plant remains and some low molecular aggregates, which are the main factors that make water turbid. If these impurities enter the ion exchanger, it will pollute the exchange resin and affect the quality of the water. If it enters the boiler directly, it will easily deteriorate the steam quality, and it will easily deposit into mud, block the pipeline and damage the metal due to overheating. Suspended and colloidal materials can be removed by pretreatment.
In short, the purpose of boiler water treatment is to remove harmful impurities, prevent boiler fouling and corrosion, maintain good steam quality, and ensure safe and economic operation of the boiler.