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Are there any polishing methods for stainless steel plate processing

2020-04-16 09:27:21
In order to make the surface smooth and durable, different polishing treatments are required to process medium and heavy plates. There are several different polishing treatments for stainless steel plate processing. Today Zherui Steel will introduce several plate polishing methods and their precautions.
The first is mechanical polishing: the stainless steel plate after mechanical polishing is better in flatness, but the gloss will not persist for too long, so it will show rust and stuffiness. Mechanical polishing process: rough polishing-semi-precision polishing-fine polishing.
The second is electrochemical polishing: after electrochemical polishing, the gloss of the stainless steel mirror surface will persist for a longer period of time, the entire polishing process is relatively stable, and it has less pollution, small investment, and the most important is anti-corrosion High utility. This polishing technique is more suitable for batch production, so it is more widely used in advanced product operations. Because the polishing process is stable, the operation is relatively simple.
The third is chemical polishing: this polishing technique is more economical. Even messy stainless steel can be polished, and the polishing speed is fast, the power is high, and the anticorrosion function is also good. However, there are some unsatisfactory areas, mainly because the gloss is relatively poor, and there will be gas directly overflowing, so the auxiliary work of ventilation equipment is required, and heating will be more difficult. It is more suitable for the polishing of small batches of messy parts and the processing of medium and thick plates with small parts that are not demanding.  
Matters needing attention for the polishing of stainless steel plate: The actual operation of the grinding is mostly grinding and cutting operations, which leave very thin lines on the surface of the plate. Problems have occurred when using alumina as the grinding material, part of the reason is pressure. All grinding components of machinery and equipment, such as abrasive belts and grinding wheels, etc., must not be used for other non-stainless steel plates before application. Because that would pollute the surface of the stainless steel plate. In order to ensure the integrity of surface production and processing, new grinding wheels or belts should be tested on scrap with the same composition so that the same products can be compared.
The above is the polishing process of stainless steel plate made by Henan Zherui Steel Plate Co., Ltd. for you, and the precautions encountered. I hope it can help you.