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About the Corten steel plate

2019-10-30 15:22:20
Corten steel is the new decorative design, decorative design and gardening raw materials that are used in many areas. The urbanization of the basic construction shows a different retro fashion, changing utility. In any case, this corroded Corten thick steel plate is continuously rusted. The initial gray-black and cold-cold thick steel panels covered the orange-colored sports jacket, and its beauty far exceeds everyone's imagination.
Zherui Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. specializes in the wholesale and steel processing of weathering steel sheets (marine steel plates, wear-resistant steel plates, high-strength steel plates). From the beginning to the end, the company adheres to the management philosophy of “developing with service projects and taking credibility as life”, with the service tenet of “the core competitiveness of various types of models, excellent price, high cost performance and good service”. Iron and steel enterprises have good reputation and sales volume has maintained strong growth momentum.