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How to calculate the price of A588 weathering steel cutting and cutting

2019-10-20 17:12:18
In the A588 weathering steel sheet cutting and cutting process, calculating the price is an important aspect. The layman is not clear about some specific methods. Even they will be a bit confused. In the process of doing it, the initial price seems to be cheaper, and the final calculated price seems to be out of their own expectations. This is because I don't know how to calculate the blanking, so it will cause these troubles.
The first is the different thickness of the weathering steel plate. During the cutting and cutting process of the steel plate, different thicknesses will have different calculation costs, and the thickness will be different, and the price will naturally be different. For each different thickness, there are different cutting methods throughout the blanking process, so there are many factors in the price. When we want to cut, we must understand the specific method and The corresponding price.
Then there is the time of steel plate processing. During the process of cutting the steel plate, some places will be calculated according to the working hours, that is, the time we are in the cutting process, and some specific consumables, and then the overall calculation process is completed. . In the process of calculation, some intrinsic influence factors need to be considered.
Before you can cut the A588 weathering steel sheet, you must understand the specific price. In particular, you must know the calculation method and the final estimated cost. These aspects must be better understood. Learn to calculate the price so that you can compare some of the different manufacturers, so that you can choose the more reasonable price, and let us better save costs.