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Double eleven empty is not just a shopping cart, but also a large truck that pulls steel plates.

2019-10-28 16:14:40
Recently, we learned that the Henan Provincial Department of Transportation announced that, except for the prohibition of trucks passing by some toll stations, the weighing detection equipment of the toll stations in Henan Province has been installed. These equipment and access control card distribution systems have been networked, and large trucks with over-loaded Zhengzhou steel plates will not be able to move at high speed.
After checking that the truck is a legally compliant vehicle, the equipment will be automatically lifted. For vehicles that are illegally overloaded with Zhengzhou steel plate, the toll system prohibits card issuance and lifting, and the manual is not allowed to lift. Therefore, the truck must enter the one-way. Return to the lane to leave.
The toll plaza has truck weighing and return indication signs, marking lines and electronic capture equipment. The passing vehicles of Zhengzhou Steel Plate shall be weighed according to the guiding instructions through the special channel on the right side of the square. For vehicles that do not follow the rules, the public security department will impose fines and scores according to the relevant regulations of the prohibition signs.
After the entrance weighing detection system is connected with the traffic law enforcement system, the vehicles that have exceeded the illegal and overloaded three times will be blacklisted, and the relevant departments will strengthen the law enforcement through joint credit penalties. At the same time, increase the copying and follow-up investigation of illegal vehicle information, eliminate illegal road vehicles, eliminate road traffic capacity, resolutely eliminate all kinds of safety accidents, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.
Zherui Steel reminds you that the driver friends who pull the steel plate must abide by the traffic rules and remember to violate the regulations. It is better to pull a few sheets of steel, and don't be lucky. It is overloaded for pulling the steel plate. Finally, I wish every driver who pulls the steel plate out of peace and good luck.