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Zhujialin Corten-A Weathering Steel Building and Landscape Construction

In the depths of Yimeng Mountain, Shandong, there is a village. This is an ancient village left in the arms of the mountains. It used to be a peach blossom source. However, with the process of urbanization, it gradually declined. The original village with more than 300 people still had more than 100 people. Most of the old houses were vacant. Collapsed into ruins. This village experienced a change in 2016. Some young people came here and initiated a joint construction and sharing of Corten-A weathering steel buildings. Returning youth, villagers and local governments cooperated to build the village. The design team lived in the village and began a practice.
In the center of the village, a new Corten-A weathering steel building, called the Village Life Aesthetics Pavilion, is also the first aesthetic hall with the theme of rural aesthetics in the country. The site was originally the village's event venue and was a hardened site. , The building is covered by Corten-A weathering steel, which is inconsistent with the style of the village
The aesthetic hall is built on the site and the square is retained. Corten-A weathering steel buildings use limestone for houses in the village in some places, and a rectangular box is embedded in the space enclosed by the old houses on both sides. Corten-A weathering steel building has an outer wall thickness of 50 cm, and a lot of rectangular holes, square holes and bars are added to the facade. The depth is 50 cm. Zhujialin has a lot of birds. I hope these holes will become birdhouses in the future, so from the outside It is also called bird's nest building.
The open space in front of the Rural Life Aesthetics Museum continues to be used as the material villager's activity square. Corten-A weathering steel building has a height difference of 1.2 meters from the road in front. Using the height difference, several sets of sculptural Corten-A weather-resistant steel steps have been made. Corten-A weathering steel steps have a strong sense of order, and it is also the most orderly set of elements in this village. It tries to add a ritual in organic villages. Corten-A weathering steel building has a 6-meter platform in the front. As a stage for the future, the square naturally becomes an auditorium.