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Xuanan was designed by weathering steel

Xuanan, designed by weathering steel, looks like an image coming out of the ground from a long time ago. When it's time to come out, it looks like the image of the world. So this building is still in progress now, and it's stagnant here in the unfinished state.
The owner set out to build a new plan for the wild botanical garden in the 1 million square meter mountain area of Junwei district. If it is sunset, you can directly face the beautiful red light, and then come out to the artificial slope, you can see the weathering steel plate chair placed in the reed, sitting here as if you are a part of nature. This is a very lonely moment, a time to think about philosophy, so this house is called xuanan, a simple and dark room.
The rust red color of weathering steel is a perfect combination of nature and the best verification of time. He spent a long time planting trees, pruning and observing the changes of nature. Later, he needed to live here and build this small house. The site is a cave in the whole mountain. It's a key place in the center. Only the mountains and the sky can be seen here. Because the direction is to the west, the setting sun must fall on the opposite reservoir. The house placed along the terrain should have the same track as the sun in winter.
With the popularity of weathering steel, it has been widely used in urban architecture to provide designers with more creative space. With the aging of time, the unique color and texture of the beautiful weathering steel can reflect the unique artistic charm,It provides another possibility for the architectural texture of the city.
It's clear, dirty and old. It can be so personal! This strong color, special texture, presents a unique industrial art beauty, the cool appearance and the surrounding environment, even has an unspeakable charm. It is a newly developed net red steel material in recent years - weathering steel. We can see its figure in both landscape and architecture.