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Wuzhi Weathering Steel Center Building

This weathering steel project is located in an open field in Wuzhi County, across the river from Zhengzhou, in the hinterland of China. But on the owner ’s blueprint for happiness, there will be open lakes and rich water systems, surrounded by rich formats such as residential, schools, hotels, commercial streets, etc., and our project is the pioneer and developer of this series of development. The start-up area is the residential area to be developed in the north, and the future lake in the south. Here, weathering steel buildings have no past or present environment to rely on. What is needed is an imagination of future scenarios.
This weathering steel project has a narrow land and an irregular trapezoidal shape. When the required retreat is satisfied, the outline of the building plane is formed. The surface of this weathering steel building does not need any other sense of form, but it needs to occupy the entire site as much as possible, so that it can create its own domain, and use a bright and lively inner world to counter the too abstract external environment. What we know about this venue. What further defines the site relationship is the "wall wall."
Here, we used the angle relationship between the trapezoidal site texture and the orthogonal grid of the building to organize a screen-type vertical wall system with different widths and angles to enclose the space. In this way, people find that the facade of the weathering steel building is constantly changing the relationship between reality and reality during the process of walking, as if these "screens" are constantly opening and closing.
Between the staggered gaps of these facade members, sunlight and air are immersed. The horizontal and vertical folded plate members weave this weathering steel building, and the gaps between them form the opening courtyard of different directions and sizes. Therefore, rather than a building, it is better to say that it is a place built by individual workers, a place surrounded by nature, but also surrounded by nature.
The use of red rusted steel plates on the exterior walls of the building is also a reflection of time and environmental changes. The material characteristics of the corten steel plate is that as the years go by, the color gradually fades. This is in line with an imagination: where it is built, it is public, enthusiastic, and distinctive, and is the sole protagonist of this wilderness; time goes by, the surrounding buildings rise up, and the wilderness becomes a city, and It is also becoming more mature and quietly integrated into it. Maybe when the little tree in the courtyard grows taller and taller than the cornice, it will be the most inconspicuous and beautiful.