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Wonderful Corten-A weathering steel fence, USA / mikyoung kim design

The weathering steel project site is located in a three-acre broad-leaved forest overlooking one of the many ponds in the Walden Lake area. The design hopes to integrate the plants, waters and landforms on this land with modern design materials and elements. Throughout the year, beautiful plants change their appearance.
Corten-A weathering steel sculpture fences are intertwined in different parts of the site, delimiting and blurring the boundaries. This Corten-A weathering steel landscape design reflects deep respect for the customer's land, and the modern language used in it reflects the customer's interest in Corten-A weathering steel sculpture and art.
The design aims to use the existing conditions of the site: diverse plants, ecological environment and watersheds-to create beautiful scenery. The plant configuration is different from the plant configuration that generally requires high maintenance, and uses vegetation that does not require any chemical maintenance and irrigation maintenance. The first is the birch birch next to the main entrance driveway, then the birch birch from the sidewalk to the building, and then the birch birch interlaced in the Corten-A weathering steel fence. They have a dialogue with the original white birch in the forest.
The inner courtyard and pond area plan a short walking path. Thyme and moss grow between the gaps in the granite floor, and connect to the forest floor. Corten-A weathering steel fences are dynamically wrapped in the forest. Corten steel plate is made of weathering steel and glass in the middle of the pond in the courtyard. The lamella stainless steel tank has the functions of aeration and filtration in the pond water circulation system.
The weathering steel project maintains the resonance quality of the New England forest landscape, and requires strict land management through watershed protection laws and dark skies, while maintaining the contemporary architectural language, expressing the client's interest in art and weathering steel sculpture.