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Winery designed with A588 weathering steel

The Obelisk winery project was built in the plains of the southern Czech Republic, where you can see the Valtice and Pálava mountains, once part of the national border area, and today it has become a picturesque wine-making base. The design of the winery draws inspiration from traditional culture and the cultural architecture of the Lednice-Valtice region of Rome. The architect draws on the classical temple architecture and abstracts the entire building structure into a flat plate supported by three rows of columns – forming a solid foundation. The winery showroom on the seat.
This showroom is a perfect blend of green plains and vineyards. The entire building is divided into two sections: the underground section serves as the wine production area and the upper section consists of a wine shop, a hall and a wine tasting area.
The arcade structure encloses the entire A588 weather-resistant steel estate showroom, which is visually and conceptually linked to Valtice, the Reistna Colonnade and overlooks the Pálava and Mikulov towns. Natural stone, cement, oak and glass, steel and stainless steel materials, these traditional materials can be naturally integrated into the landscape due to their special process and performance characteristics.