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Chicago Public Library West Loop S355JOW Weathering Steel Branch

The newly built West Loop S355JOW Weathering Steel Library was originally part of the Harpo Studios campus in the West Loop area of Chicago. It is the first Chicago Public Library in the community and the 81st branch in the city. . The two-tiered redevelopment project that Sterling Bay contributed to Chicago is part of the West Loop's ongoing development and transformation project, while shaping a new cultural and social center while retaining the original industrial style of the building.
The exterior of the new library, consisting of two connected buildings, is made of S355JOW weather-resistant steel. Over time, the exterior of the building presents a protective copper rust color that unifies the facade and guides visitors through the steel frame entrance.
The West Loop image environment design incorporates interesting lines and exciting quotes from famous literary works, telling a story about the library and its center as a community gathering place. The story begins at the entrance, and the entrance is printed with the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi's famous saying: "Improve your language instead of the volume. In the rain, there are silent flowers instead of roaring thunder." Welcome visitors. In addition to being the core narrative of space, this sentence is also a source of inspiration for architectural Chinese characters and stories, shaping the library's holistic design from the weathering steel surface to the warm interior.