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Weatherproof pigsty S355J0WP weathering steel barbecue restaurant, Tongxiang

S355J0WP weathering steel barbecue restaurant building was designed for the farm of Huateng Pig House by building, and it has been completed and opened to welcome guests. The barbecue shop is the sixth work completed in the Huateng pighouse by architecture. The first five are the renovation of the pighouse facade, the pighouse exhibition hall, the wooden house library, the bamboo gallery, and the pig race.
S355J0WP weathering steel building land is 20 meters long from north to south, and 10 meters wide from east to west. Although it is in the countryside, the construction land is very tight. The building is covered by the red line, so the S355J0WP weathering steel building can not have any bumps. Shaped rectangle. Although the available space is very precious, the building still strives to make a buffer gray space at the main entrance.
The existence of gray air has eased the tension between the S355J0WP weathering steel building and its surroundings. It is not only a pre-order space for entering the S355JOWP weathering steel barbecue restaurant, but also a place where guests can chat or empty after the meat and meat are full. Staff at Sheree Estate can also relax here.
The design of S355J0WP weathering steel barbecue restaurant still follows the principle of cost saving. According to my rural construction experience in recent years, considering the cost of time, labor cost, and workers' skills, it is the best way to make steel structures here. We chose sleepers as the main material of the exterior wall, but the windows were made of plastic steel, and below the window sills were precast concrete hollow blocks. Owner Huateng Animal Husbandry has channels to buy relatively cheap sleepers, which is also to make up for the regret that sleepers are not used in the wooden house library.
Precast concrete hollow blocks are a very common material used in rural water bank protection at present. They are easily available and cheap materials. Precast concrete hollow blocks play a large and a small role here. They can be as large as S355J0WP weathering steel. The role of the building "big base" can be as small as a planter.
Because S355J0WP weathering steel building has narrow and long windows, and at the same time to control local indoor light is too strong, we added Corten-A weathering steel sun visor outside the window. In order to complement natural light, four skylights were opened on the roof of S355J0WP weathering steel building. After adding these four skylights, the indoor natural light becomes very uniform. As long as some artificial light is appropriately added when needed, the indoor brightness is sufficient and the uniform light makes people feel comfortable.