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Don't Have A View Of The Desert House Of Corten A Weathering Steel

Hoogland Architecture in the United States designed a couple of low-lying concrete houses wrapped in weatherproof steel Corten B. The couple hoped to settle in the desert in their old age.The 3,875-square-foot (360-square-meter) home was built on a slope near a natural pond called arroyo. For this simple site, the architects conceived a low-lying home with two straight spaces. Composed, the middle is connected by a deck, one of which is longer in the horizontal direction, and it is the main living space. The other two-story body is more compact, with a lower garage and an upper floor. The exterior walls of the home are made of concrete, weathering steel and large pieces of glass. The overhanging deep-top protected glass wall protects against the strong desert sunlight and shelters the surrounding courtyard from wind and rain. The main part of the home includes a spacious master suite and an open cooking, dining and relaxation area. Large windows and sliding glass doors provide plenty of daylight for the interior, while also introducing an outdoor desert landscape into the interior.