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Construction of weathering steel Q345q cross railway bridge

On September 1st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau that the main bridge of the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway overpass on the Longquan Street in Xingtai City, which was under the responsibility of the bureau, completed the concrete pouring and steel box girder welding construction, and passed the inspection condition. The main bridge is designed as Q345qD and Q345qE weathering steel mixed beam, with a total length of 120 meters, 40 meters steel box beam -40 meters concrete beam -40 meters steel box beam, is the first weathering steel A588 mixed in municipal engineering in North China. Composite beam. According to the transfer time approved by the Beijing Railway Bureau, the main bridge will be tested at 10:30 on September 8 to measure the technical parameters; on September 10, from 03:35 to 04:50, the official swivel will be closed. The span of 60 meters, the weight of the rotating body is 8,600 tons, and the turning angle is 79 degrees. At that time, the city will add a Q345qD weathering steel across the Beijing-Guangzhou railway overpass.