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Weathering steel office building


The initial task was simple: build a weathering steel building to house IDOM activities, while representing it and becoming a business card for customers. The weathering steel building itself should be clear about its culture and working methods, and it is also an opportunity to turn the building into its concept display.
We want to build a strictly sustainable building and firmly believe that this method will bring high architectural returns. A proper balance between ecological, economic and social aspects. Our goal is to simply be able to work in a healthy environment, free from heat and cold, without any glare or toxic elements. All this means high satisfaction and a healthy atmosphere. This dynamic is very much in line with IDOM's strategic goals, and that's what users think: it's an effort to set up a new office, which breaks old norms.
This weathering steel building is similar to a family atmosphere and can eliminate the axioms of traditional office buildings. Weathering steel buildings are based on HVAC of the Radiation System (TABS), which takes advantage of the high thermal inertia of the structure and its post-tensioned prestressed concrete floor. An air propulsion system specifically designed for slow air repairs through ducting, which cleans and avoids noise pollution. The large structure span provides smooth and flexible circulation area. The south-facing sun protection reduces the northern light and the perception of horizontal and vertical continuous space. The weathering steel building is set to include natural debris, sky gardens and green walls. The right strategy to make the best use of water can make full use of water, which brings visual and auditory pleasure.
Weathering steel has achieved good results with regard to its durability and key issues in such buildings. This system greatly improves energy efficiency. And allows to take full advantage of favorable external conditions for almost free ventilation of the interior without any unnecessary energy consumption.