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Weathering steel material visualizes historical concepts

As a visual expression of the concept of time, the weathering steel plate will change color and texture continuously with time. The rusty and mottled surface is easy to give people a sense of history and vicissitudes, thereby visualizing an uncapturable concept of time. So it is naturally applied to some monumental parks. The Design of Qinghai Atomic City Patriotism Memorial Park was influenced by the rusted steel plate of the blasting test base. The weathering steel plate was used to form a continuous rusted steel plate wall of nearly 300 meters in length.
 The "596" road consists of a corten rusted steel plate wall of 300 meters long and a gravel road of more than 1,300 meters, forming a unique way of spatial expression, symbolizing the historical journey of nuclear weapon development. When strolling along this axis of space narrative, you can experience the unique history and achievements of Atomic City.
 In addition, the most striking symbol of Qinghai Atomic City Memorial Plaza is the theme sculpture "Ju". The weather-resistant steel used in "Ju" is derived from the external protective materials of the semi- bunker building unique to the simulated nuclear weapon development base. It is erected on the east side of the entrance, and shows the history of Atomic City with a distinctive theme image.
 Adhering to the concept of "localization and environmental protection", in the selection of materials for the walls, squares and sculptures of the memorial hall, the designers try to use local materials as much as possible in order to shape a tone. What this tone emphasizes is the majestic beauty of the unique Jinyintan Grassland.
 Today's Atomic City still retains many physical monuments, showing people the journey of hardship and entrepreneurship of our people in very difficult times. It is a huge spiritual wealth and a valuable resource for patriotic education for the people across the country.